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PVE vibratory hammers make Tilburg accessible via water

In Tilburg, a city in the southern part of the Netherlands, a lot of effort is being put to make one of the most important canals ready for the future. The Wilhelminakanaal is widened and deepened over a length of 4 kilometres. A new sluice is also part of this prestigious project. This new sluice has the largest composite lock gates of the world. 

The canal, that connects the cities Tilburg and Eindhoven with the river Maas, plays an important role in the accessibility of the province of North Brabant. After finishing the project, the travel time of professional shipping decreases with 30 minutes. Also, the industrial estates of Tilburg are accessible for large inland waterway vessels with limited draft.
The new sluice that is being built has the largest composite sluice doors in the world. The doors have an impressive size of 6.2 x 12.5 meters.


Our client Hakkers takes part in this project, that is being coordinated by Heijmans and Boskalis. Hakkers uses the PVE 24VM, PVE 2335VM and PVE 2350VM vibratory hammers to drive piles and sheet piles for the new sluice. These hammers start and stop resonance free, which means that the surroundings do not suffer from harmful vibrations. The hammers are all suspendable from a telescopic mobile crane. 

The project will be finished in 2017. 

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